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[IMPORTANT ALERT] Snowplow Obj-C Tracker 0.9.0 to 1.0.3 issue (1)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.10.0 and 2.10.1 issue (1)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.10.0 issue (1)
[WARNING] IAB enrichment treats Android tracker events as spider-generated (2)
Clojure Collector incompatibility with Tomcat 8.0.53 or above (6)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] R108 bug may prevent EmrEtlRunner from launching (2)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] Snowplow Javascript tracker 2.9.1 issue (2)
End of life for the MaxMind legacy IP lookups databases [IMPORTANT] (4)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] R101 bug may result in duplicated data in the real-time pipeline (2)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] AWS is replacing the SSL certificates for connecting to Redshift on 23rd October (5)
[IMPORTANT ALERT] R93 bug may result in missing enriched data when resharding Kinesis stream (4)