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As part of our drive to make the Snowplow community more collaborative and widen our network of open source contributors, we will be regularly posting our proposals for new features, apps and libraries under the Request …

About the RFCs category (1)
Make scala stream enrichments optional (6)
Observability for the Snowplow streaming pipeline (9)
Directory structure for enriched data to support AWS Athena (12)
Porting Snowplow to Google Cloud Platform (6)
RFC: Snowplow webhook proxy (10)
Replacing the Clojure Collector (18)
Modelling Snowplow data in Google BigQuery (5)
Low-cost, low-maintenance, scalable Snowplow using fully-managed cloud services (3)
Sending Google Analytics events into Snowplow (13)
On-premise Snowplow Realtime Pipeline with Spark Streaming Enrich (2)
Porting Snowplow to Microsoft Azure (12)
Migrating the Snowplow batch jobs from Scalding to Spark (18)
Loading enriched events into IBM dashDB (3)
Scala Stream Collector: add support for cookie bounce (6)
Splitting EmrEtlRunner into snowplowctl and Dataflow Runner (1)