Change Cookie TTL for AMP Tracker

Hey guys,
is it possible to change the cookie TTL for the Snowplow AMP tracker? Default time is 1 year but we would like to reduce this one.

There is an option to set the TTL in the cookie configuration of the Snowplow vendor in the AMP project (see Cookie Writer: Allow customization of expiration date · Issue #22422 · ampproject/amphtml ( but the Snowplow AMP tracker does not seem to implement this one. Could you give us here a hint how we can set this anyway somehow?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Best, Christoph

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At the moment this looks like it inherits the default value (1 year) - and it is possible to change this - by releasing a new AMP version of the Snowplow tracker.

This doesn’t look particularly difficult (add cookieLifetime as a new variable to the template) so someone on the Snowplow team might be able to pick this up (@Colm maybe?) - I’m not sure if AMP allow PRs outside of the vendor.

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thanks @mike for the fast reply. Let me know when we can support you with something (e.g. PR). You guys really help us with that, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks @capchriscap for raising this.
We are happy to implement this change, as Mike said, the AMP tracker is different from the other trackers where we would be more than happy of receiving external PRs.
We’ll give a look next week. I’ll keep you in the loop!