[IMPORTANT FIX] Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.7.0 released

We announce Snowplow iOS Tracker 1.7.0

This release fixes an issue causing app rejection due to the fingerprinting caused by the OpenIDFA feature.
To avoid any issue we have completely removed the OpenIDFA identifier and related code.
Also, we changed the policy for enabling the Apple IDFA. On the new version 1.7.0, the IDFA identifier will be enabled only if the developer adds the AdSupport library to the app project and enables the compiler flag SNOWPLOW_IDFA_ENABLED in the build settings.
More details here: IDFA tracking

Note: The previous versions of the tracker (before v.1.7.0) used a different flag SNOWPLOW_NO_IFA needed to disable IDFA feature. Instead, since the version 1.7.0 the IDFA will be enabled only if the SNOWPLOW_IDFA_ENABLED is set.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue of OpenIDFA causing App Rejection (#575)

1.7.0 is available on Cocoapods.

The project’s source code can be found here.


@Alex_Benini @PaulBoocock How can we capture this requirement the react-native sdk?
Will we have to update/change anything there to get the apps accepted to the appstore?

Hi @Yazan
We’re looking at doing this very shortly. I’ll post an update here when the new release is available.

It’s now available @Yazan

Thanks a lot @PaulBoocock !

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