iOS Tracker - Missing previous screen related properties

I’m building and sending my own screen view events but noticed that all previous screen related properties are missing. Was this intentional? Does the previous screen properties only gets recorded when automatic screen view tracking is enabled? I can’t find it explicitly mentioned in any Snowplow documentation.

Would appreciate any clarifications.

Update: I found that previousScreenState isn’t being attached to the screen view event if automatic screen view tracking is disabled. But since previousScreenState is a public property of SPTracker, I can use it to retrieve the previous screen data.

I notice though that if your app architecture involves parent-child controllers the SDK doesnt allow any overrides or customisation of which controller should be considered as the “previous screen”, better if I could retrieve the screen view event data i previously manually composed.

Hi @teffi, thanks for the insight! We’ll do some digging our side and keep the thread updated.

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