Java Tracker Issue : event time-stamp get lost


When java Tracker sends any event to Java Collector, timestamp, of when the event has been created (dvce_created_tstamp) , seems to get lost on Collector side and event is not even in bad event.

Is anyone experiencing this issue ?
Any idea how to fix ?



Hi @paolo.borrelli - I’m not sure I fully understood your Java Tracker issue.

Are you saying the events are not successfully flowing through your pipeline, or that they are arriving but the dvce_created_tstamp is not set?


Hi @alex,
the events are successfully flowing through your pipeline but … dvce_created_tstamp is not set.



Hi @paolo.borrelli - can you share the event types which don’t include dvce_created_tstamp?

The dvce_created_tstamp field is populated by the dtm parameter per the Snowplow Tracker Protocol:

This is added to various event types in the Java Tracker via the putDefaultParams function:✓&q=putDefaultParams&type=


Hi @alex,
looking into it more deeply … there is no issue any more. May be we experienced such issue while we were testing java tracker… So no issue !!!

Sorry about that



Okay no worries @paolo.borrelli - thanks for letting us know!