On-Premise Production Architecture?


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continuous support with this. I went through Lambda Architecture for a production set up. I understand it is recommended. But is there a recommended architecture for a on-premise solution - without AWS? Any recommendations? Would highly appreciate.



There’s a few threads that have cropped up over the last few months about running Snowplow on premise. It is possible to do (though not supported) but does involve stitching various services (such as an S3/object store replacement) together.

What’s your use case for running it on premises? This is a bit of a generalisation but on premise deployments are typically more costly, less reliable and involve more operations and support work than hosting in the cloud.


Hi @mike,

Thank you for your response. Our use case is typically for a customer who would not like to have the setup on a cloud environment but in-house in their data center. Any ideas?



Use Apache OpenWhisk or Fission