Page View Attributes


So what Im trying to do is capture page view attributes as you would in adobe or in GA. For example upon loading a page i have created a defined site_id that gets passed defining a sub doamin. Looking into snowplow is says these values get passed as “cx” call based on a structured event. I need this attribute to be passed at the page view level not upon a strutured event call, is this possible?


Hi Wayne,

You could try sending the data as one or more custom context.

You would need to create and upload a schema first, then send the data referencing its matching schema, as per the documentation I linked to.

Best of luck!


As @Colm has mentioned above you can do this via a custom context via a trackPageView call (which in this case would contain your site_id) e.g.,

window.snowplow_name_here('trackPageView', null, [{
    schema: "iglu:com.example_company/page/jsonschema/1-0-0",
    data: {
        site_id: "example"

this will allow you to join any of the contexts you send through to the core page_view event.