Query on Snowplow Enrichment Configuration

Hi Team,
I am in need of configuring the default enrichment, in order to split the events based on app_id and push them into the respective streams!

Current Approach:
Now, we have the default snowplow collector and enricher, and both the configurations are based on the documentation provided. In enricher, we are pushing the events into two streams.

After Enrichment:
Good Events → Good Events Stream
Bad Events → Bad Events Stream

The problem which we are facing is, we have the pipeline for two applications and the splitting of the events is done in the splitter lambda and it pushes the events into respective application streams, we are thinking of an alternative approach to split the events in the enrichment phase of snowplow enricher so that we’ll be sending the events into respective streams without the use of lambda and since its auto-scalable, the number of incoming events won’t be an issue.

What we are planning:

Good Events App_1 events–> Good Events App_1 Stream
Good Events App_2 events–> Good Events App_2 Stream
Good Events App_n events–> Good Events App_n Stream
Bad Events App_1 events–> Bad Events App_1 Stream
Bad Events App_2 events–> Bad Events App_2 Stream
Bad Events App_n events–> Bad Events App_n Stream

Will this be feasible or how can we proceed with this idea, It would be really helpful to know more about it!

Thanks !

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