Question about collector configuration

Hi all, when tweaking the configuration file for collector, there ware some parameters that are not completely clear to us:
paths {
# “/com.acme/track” = “/com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/tp2”
# “/com.acme/redirect” = “/r/tp2”
# “/com.acme/iglu” = “/com.snowplowanalytics.iglu/v1”
Are these something we absolutely have to have in production? Is there a more detailed description that explains what they do? Do we just replace acme with our domain?

policyRef = "/w3c/p3p.xml
Do we need to have an actual file for this somewhere?

cookie {
enabled = true
expiration = “365 days”
name = our-sp
domains = [” # e.g. “” -> any origin domain ending with this will be matched and will be returned
domains +=
fallbackDomain = “
secure = false
httpOnly = false
sameSite = “None”

How do we configure these and do we need to create any content for the subdomains or point the subdomains to anything?