Redshift + Snowplow Mini version 4


A bit lost here. #5 and #6 I have everything set up and working - but now would like things sent to my redshift database. Tables are created.

On this link:

Where is says:

  1. Add the IP of Snowplow-mini to your Redshift whitelist
  2. Enter the required details (AWS access key, secret key, redshift host, port, database name, username, password and schema name) via the setup bash script

Can someone provide a bit more insight on how to get my events from my snowplow mini sent to my redshift database? My tables are all created. Just would like to get my pageviews, etc. updated in my redshift database.

Any input?


Hi @prodigy - I’ve replied to your question here:

Unfortunately you will have to setup a Snowplow batch pipeline to load into Redshift; sorry for the confusion, we’ve deleted that wiki page now.