Resolved - POST request not reaching scala collector


Hello, I am using Java script tracker to send post request to scala collector. I am using the post: true parameter within the tracker initialization method as given in this page


The request is successfully showing 200 response however i dont see anything picked up by the scala collector. Is there any setting that needs to be done in collector to receive POST requests?


There’s no additional configuration needed for the Scala collector to accept POST requests.

Could you describe the setup you currently have e.g., Javascript tracker version, scala collector version and the network setup in terms of AWS load balancers / EC2 instances?


Hi Mike,
Thank you for your response. I have used the set up mentioned in this link.


Below is my JS code



Below is the collector config


Hello all,
We have resolved the issue. Actually the issue was not with the POST request and nor with the collector. We had a lambda code in a firehose which read the input data from the kinesis stream, once it came into collector and puts into S3. There was an issue with the lambda code which did not read the POST data and was rejecting it. We have implemented lambda earlier for the GET requests only however since POST requests comes in a different way (in the body and not as query string), we had to handle it differently in the same lambda. Now everything is working fine. Thanks for anyone who had helped.