Scala Stream Collectors - Config File Example



I’m new to Snowplow. I’m current trying to implement the Scala Stream Collectors on AWS to connect to Kinesis. I currently just follow the instruction here:

Just wondering, is there an example with dummy actual value version of the config.hocon.sample file for Kinesis implementation? I think the instruction/comment on the config.hocon.sample is very brief.

I was searching for this topic in this discourse page, but couldn’t find one. But if there is already one, please feel free to close this topic, and redirect me to it.

Sorry for this newbie post. I’m very interested in implementing Snowplow for Web Analytics solution. Thank you in advanced.




Have you tried ?


Yes, that is the example I’m using. My mistake, I forgot to replace some of the {{}} values. It’s up and running now. Thank you.