Scala Stream Enricher Health Check Endpoint?



I was wondering whether something like /health exists on the Scala Stream Enricher, s.t. an Autoscaling Group would be able to automatically bounce instances. I’m aware it publishes to CloudWatch, but it seems to be a bigger pain to do so than to have a simple health endpoint.

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Hi @vivricanopy,

Yes, the scala stream collector provides a healthcheck URL at /health and sends a 200, text/plain => OK


Hi @christoph-buente, I meant the enricher, not the collector. I provided /health as an example that I know is already in the collector :slight_smile:


Oh, now is see it :slight_smile:

The stream enricher does not listen to HTTP requests, and thus does not provide a healthcheck URL.


Yes @christoph-buente is right - Stream Enrich doesn’t provide a healthcheck mechanism currently, whether HTTP, gRPC or Serf-based…


Ok thanks guys!


I just wanted to add it’d be hella-useful


There’s a ticket here @vivricanopy, I just renamed it:


That’d be sweet! Any idea on ETA?


No ETA yet I’m afraid @vivricanopy!


Hey Alex, Any news on this one?


Not yet @ShlomiZ!


Would you accept a PR that handles this?


Of course!


Any update on this? As I see issues is still in open state.