Snowplow Android Tracker 1.3.2 released

We are glad to release Snowplow Android Tracker 1.3.2 !

1.3.2 fixes a bug causing invalid screen contexts which causes bad events.

  • Fix ScreenState incompatibility with Screen schema (#336 )

1.3.2 is available on Bintray.

The project’s source code can be found here.

@oguzhanunlu Thanks for the fix. I just want to clarify is ScreenState's supposedly automatic name getAutomaticName returns null by design unless you call updateWithFragment or updateWithActivity where activityClassName or fragmentClassName is assigned?

I also noticed that the iOS and Android tracker has different implementations of ScreenView. On Android id must be set (this wasn’t clear on the documentation) or else ScreenView event won’t send meanwhile iOS automatically creates an id.