Snowplow Collector on GCP Cloud Run


I was trying to run the snowplow collector on cloud run using the provided docker image but this attempt failed as I wasn’t able to pass the config file to the docker container through the gcloud command set. Is there a way to get around this?

I tried another approach, I created a alpine java docker image containing the jar file provided and the config file, this was a success.
The contents of the docker file are as follows

FROM openjdk:18-jdk-alpine
COPY snowplow-stream-collector-google-pubsub-2.3.0.jar /home/snowplow-stream-collector-google-pubsub-2.3.0.jar
COPY application.config /home/application.config

EXPOSE 8080/tcp
CMD ["java","-jar","/home/snowplow-stream-collector-google-pubsub-2.3.0.jar","--config","/home/application.config"]

Is there a better approach to this?

Thank you!

Hi @siv ,

Can you share the full gcloud command that you are using ?

Hi @BenB

I have uploaded the docker image to GCR

The command is:
gcloud run deploy snowplow-collector --project project-name --region region --allow-unauthenticated --image gcr-image-url --port 8080 --args “–config application.config”

i also tried keeping the config file in a gcs bucket:

gcloud run deploy snowplow-collector --project project-name --region region --allow-unauthenticated --image gcr-image-url --port 8080 --args “–config link-to-config-file-in-gcs”

The issue is that here you’re referring to a local file inside the Docker container whereas it’s not existing. You need to mount a volume with the file so that you can access it.

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Understood! thank you!

Would you recommend mounting a volume and using the snowplow provided docker image over the custom docker image i’ve created?

It’s up to you, but personally yes I would prefer to use directly the original Docker image rather than needing to rebuild one each time the config or version evolves.


Hi @BenB ,

We can’t mount a volume to cloud run as it is stateless. So, please suggest some other way of doing it.

For your reference:


Hi @Hanumanth ,

Another possibility is to run the Docker image inside a Compute Engine instance.

We provide the Terraform module to do so.

Hi @BenB ,

Just a quick question. Can we pass the content of application.config instead of file directly to snowplow docker image?


gcloud run deploy snowplow-dev-collector-mount --project mcd-japan-analytics --region asia-northeast1 --allow-unauthenticated --image --port 8080 --service-account --args "--config \"$(gcloud secrets versions access 1 --secret='snowplow-secret-test')\""

It was able to read the config content but deployment is not working. Do you have something in mind about how we can get it done?

Note: We don’t want to use VM here. That’s why we have switched to a cloud run


Hi @Hanumanth ,

It’s not possible yet, but we plan to support this in next collector release, you can follow the issue here.

In this case until next collector release you, I would recommend to do like @siv and create your own Docker image with the config file in it.

Thank you @BenB for the information.