Snowplow-google-analytics-plugin send the data to what endpoint?



I’m thinking of using this plugin to fork my GA data to my Snowplow collector. In the documentation here, I see that the payload is sent to a /vendor/version endpoint of my snowplow collector. I cannot find any documentation talk about the url in the form of /vendor/version . I found some code here but it seems to be the enrichment in later stage

Anyone got any insight?


It’ll be the / path on the collector, the collector logic allows a vendor / version path to be sent and then the enricher downstream determines which adapter to utilise to enrich and process this data.


Thank you mike! Is there a documentation on what list of vendor/version Snowplow supports?



I don’t think they are available in one place. Below are some guidance and ideas

  • /i: GET requests
  • /com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/tp2: POST requests
  • /r/tp2: redirects
  • / GA plugin

The others could be checked against various webhooks as most of them would require a dedicated endpoint: For example, /com.mailchimp/v1 for MailChimp webhook, etc.


Thank you ihor!


As @ihor has mentioned above the /i and .../tp2 are typically used for GET and POSTs respectively. Currently third party vendor / version style paths are all registered in the Adapter Registry here.