Snowplow Inspector, debugger for Chrome, now validates schemas


Jethro has been hard at work improving the debugger. First he ported it to Typescript for better maintainability, then he reworked the design to be more readable and useful. Following that he’s added a really useful new feature.

You can now validate schemas from inside the debugger. It’s really quite awesome!

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I can only add, that CORS are crucial to have access to own IGLU repo.

BTW: In issue #7 i have asked to add variable type display. I saw it has been added, merged and issue is closed. Will this functionality be added in next release?


Good point, CORS is important to make this work.

On the variable type, it’s available as a hover state on the variable itself. Couple of examples:




Yes, yes - I have seen tooltips.

Once again thanks for JSON validation - this would make our QA happy and save lots of dev hours to fix missed issues…


Great new feature, thanks so much for the efforts!