Snowplow S3 Loader 0.6.0 released


We are pleased to release version 0.6.0 of Snowplow S3 Loader.

In this release, we have renamed the project from Kinesis S3 to S3 Loader since NSQ support is added.

To know more about other improvements and added features you can read the blog post.


Nice work @aldemirenes!

What’s this going to be called when it adds functionality for other sinks (e.g., blob storage, cloud storage etc)?


Hey @mike - good question!

First we need to figure out if it makes sense to house all of the blob storage sinks in the same loader codebase (versus e.g. extracting shared functionality into common libraries).

More and more capabilities in a single loader means a much more challenging integration test matrix (e.g. Google Cloud Pub/Sub -> Azure Data Lake Store).


I am trying to move from the snowplow batch to streaming pipeline, and have added a couple of PRs to the s3-loader, which I would like to see released. (I am trying to avoid building my own branch for use in production).
How soon do you think will we see the next release of s3 loader?