Support for POST payload for Iglu Webhook Adapter


Hi folks,

I was wondering the the Snowplow webhooks collector endpoint supported POST requests in addition to GET requests. The documentation and code suggest that POST requests may not work.

A quick test with an example schema yields the error “Querystring is empty: no Iglu-compatible event to process”, further suggestive that it’s only the query string being processed.

As there are quite a few services which only support POSTing payloads to a webhook URL what’s my best course of action here? I can think of three methods which might (?) be suitable:

  1. Write a new adapter for a com.snowplowanalytics.iglu/v2 endpoint which supports both GET arguments and POST.
  2. Write a new vendor adapter (similar to the existing vendor adapters now) specific to each service that are capable of extracting the body out of CollectorPayload.
  3. Writing an intermediate proxy service such that webhooks call a URL with the POST payload which is converted to a GET payload before being forwarded to the Iglu webhooks endpoint.

Method 3 is possibly the easiest method but not the cleanest because of the limitations of potentially converting a large/verbose POST payload into query parameters and although 1 and 2 seem more suitable I’m not a Scala guru (but the existing adapters seem to provide a good starting point).



Hey Mike,

It’s a great question - for other readers, to clarify Mike is talking about Snowplow’s Iglu Webhook Adapter, which lets you send in any data on a GET querystring as long as it includes a &schema= parameter which defines the Iglu schema URI.

The simple answer is that we implemented the Iglu Webhook Adapter as GET initially because we were building it for a provider that used GET (Adjust). There’s no reason why the existing Iglu Webhook Adapter couldn’t be extended to support POST as well.

The nice thing about POST support is that you could support a straightforward self-describing JSON as the payload - which is cleaner than the GET support (which has to assume each querystring parameter is a string in the absence of any other type information).

So my suggestion is to go with option 1, but just extend the existing adapter, no need to write another one. And it would be fine to support just POST of a self-describing JSON (i.e. no need to implement application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data yet).

Does that answer your question?


Thanks Alex, yes that answers my question. I’ll attempt to look at handling POST payloads within the existing Iglu adapter.