Tracking Discourse Itself


We are planning to launch a pilot for a public forum and we are using the Discourse platform to do so. While the goals of our implementation and Snowplow’s are completely different, I’d like to get an idea of what kinds of metrics you (or any other Snowplowers using Discourse) track and monitor regularly to determine the success of the forum. What protocols do you have in place to monitor what is posted? Is any of this done programmatically or is a mostly manual approval or flagging process? I’d also very much appreciate technical feedback on what to consider when setting up tracking on Discourse.


Hi @nolanrb. That’s a really interesting question and one we’ve always wanted to put more work into. We’re not currently tracking any custom Discourse-specific events: just the default things such as page_view, page_ping, link_click, etc. It would be great to hear your ideas about useful events / contexts to track and we can help out with advice on how to implement them.