Why do i get domain_sessionid and domain_sessionidx as null while trying to send events using snowplow GA plugin?


I am trying to send web events to snowplow mini using snowplow’s Ga plugin but i am concerned that domain_sessionid and domain_sessionidx are always null . How do i solve this issue?


Hi @harsha,

Those values are set by the javascript tracker’s first party cookie - they’re specific to Snowplow data. You’re sending GA data using the GA adaptor - there’s no snowplow cookie involved, so they won’t be populated.



Thanks. but If i have to do my analytics based on sessions on the data sent by snowplow’s GA plugin what would be the ideal way to go about it.


@harsha, GA plugin simply captures the (raw) data generated by and sent to Google Analytics and allows you to load it into your own datastore and own it (which is otherwise is not made available to you by Google). It is not related to Snowplow events.

If you want to run analytics on GA data you need to take into consideration the logic and the configuration of Google Analytics. The implementation you have to capture Snowplow events cannot be used as a base for analyses of GA events. Again, they are independent of each other.

If you talk about sessions in terms of running analytics on GA generated data you need to take into account what GA considers to be a session. The GA data captured is the data conforming to GA Measurement Protocol.