2018 open source community survey [Announcements] (2)

Hello everyone, Your input, as open source users, is invaluable to us. We use it to shape the future of our different open source projects, prioritize work streams and so much more. As a result, it’s extremely importan…

Global Contexts RFC [RFCs] (4)

As part of our drive to make the Snowplow community more collaborative and widen our network of open source contributors, we will be regularly posting our proposals for new features, apps and libraries under the Request …

Upcoming October '18 events [Upcoming events] (2)

If you want to meet some of the Snowplow Analytics team, we’ve got a full schedule of events around the world this month, including chances to be part of the very first Snowplow Meetups in two Canadian cities! Digital…

How to ask a question? [Uncategorized] (2)

This forum is designed to help you. To make it as easy as possible for the community to help you and give you a meaningful answer here are some tips in writing a great question. 1. Search, research and keep track of wh…

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