Pass config and resolver as base64 strings to rdb-loader


we are trying to pass the resolver.json and config.hocon as base64 strings to the rdb-loader. Unfortunately we cannot pass them as variables because the command expects a string. We did not find another way then to explicitly add the base64 string of the respective files.
We tried to assign the base64 to a variable but the command evaluates the variable as a string


export RESOLVERB64="\"$(base64 resolver.json)\""
export CONFIGB64="\"$(base64 config.hocon)\""

/home/snowplow/bin/snowplow-rdb-loader --iglu-config $RESOLVERB64 --config $CONFIGB64

Is there another way than passing the explicit base64 string?

I think you need something like:

snowplow-rdb-loader-0.19.0.jar \
    --iglu-config $(cat /path/to/iglu_resolver.json | base64 -w 0) \
    --config $(cat /path/to/config.hocon | base64 -w 0)