Your experiences with Snowplow and suitable open source alternatives

We are thinking about building the data pipeline for our analytics tool CAP10 (for the media industry, 5-10 million events/month in the initial phase) with Snowplow, but we’re currently also looking for alternatives.
My question: What are your experiences with Snowplow and which suitable open source alternatives are currently available on the market?

Hi @Mike7L, from my experience 5-10 million per month is definitely doable for starters and I’m sure you can scale it to more later on. The only other fully open source alternative to my knowledge is only Matomo (formely Piwik) that serves the same purpose, but it isn’t as flexible as Snowplow, I’ve written about it a bit here.

@Mike7L- We’re running a number of pipelines at work, and daily volume on the largest is currently over 600M events/day. The system scales quite nicely, to the point where it’s easy to forget about the pipeline itself and direct all attention to downstream modeling.

Funny you mention piwik @evaldas- the early snowplow js tracker was inspired by it but diverged pretty quickly:

Hi Micha

We have just started to use Snowplow ourselves, so not sure that really quality to give a good advice.